The Stig's favorite car is... the Toyota Aygo? [w/video]

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Just when you thought there wasn't any more news to be drained from Stig-gate, Ben Collins has come out and announced his favorite car from his time beneath the white helmet. Surprisingly enough, it's not some high-dollar sports machine. Instead, Collins says that the most fun he ever had behind the wheel while employed with the BBC was in a Toyota Aygo. He and a gaggle of other race drivers spent an afternoon playing car soccer with the Aygo, and after a full day of abuse, the little Toyota just kept on chugging along.

But if Collins is choosing a piece of high-end metal to adore, the guy said that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport helped form some of his best memories of Top Gear. Yeah, we can see that one.

The former tame racing driver's least favorite car? Well, that's a surprise, too. That honor goes to a Koenigsegg. Collins infamously binned one of the ultra-rare machines during shooting – the only car to suffer damage while in his care. Videos of both segments are available after the jump.

Publisher HarperCollins plans on releasing Collins' autobiography, The Man in the White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, The Fast Lane and Me soon. Thanks for the tip, Kris!

[Source: The Daily Telegraph]

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