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Rick McLaughlin bought his first Trans Am when he was 21 and never looked back. (Photo: Bob Golfen)

"These are iconic cars, and we all know why," McLaughlin said, referring to the famed Burt Reynolds action movie where a black-and-gold Trans Am played a major role. "Yeah, he did a lot for my business."

All four of his Trans Ams at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas – three 1979s and one 1980 – are very-low mileage, one-owner originals with four-speed manual transmissions. He picked them out for the auction, he said, because they were the last of their breed.

"This was the end of the era," he said.

McLaughlin's first car, an all-original 1979 Trans Am with just 8,444 miles, sold yesterday afternoon for $33,000, including auction fees. The '76 50th Anniversary model sold earlier for $18,700, including fees.

McLaughlin has seen the recent surge of interest in Trans Ams, which is one reason why he decided to sell four cars in Las Vegas.

"These are the next up-and-coming cars in the marketplace," he said. "This is what people want to remember their youth."

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