Followup: Chrysler workers caught drinking during lunch suspended without pay

Chrysler has announced that all 15 of the employees who were apparently caught drinking and smoking pot during their lunch break by a Fox 2 News Detroit crew have been suspended indefinitely without pay. The workers from the company's Jefferson North Assembly Plant were spotted drinking heavily during their lunch breaks over a ten-day period. Chrysler says that all of the individuals had been identified and relieved of their duty within 36 hours of the company learning of the problem.

The company also says that while the video seems pretty cut-and-dry, it must adhere to its protocol when it comes to removing those workers permanently. Chrysler also stressed that each of its vehicles goes through an extensive quality control system and that it doesn't condone the behavior documented in the news report in any way. Chrysler's Jefferson North plant employs a total 2,500 workers.

To see Chrysler's official response, click past the jump. To read more about the story, head over to Fox 2 Detroit's website.

[Sources: Chrysler, Fox 2 Detroit]

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Response to Broadcast Report-UPDATE
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September 23, 2010 4:21 PM


From the Fox 2 story on Chrysler Group's Jefferson North Assembly Plant, the Company was able to identify all 15 employees captured on video. Within 36 hours of learning about this matter, each one of the employees was suspended indefinitely without pay. While the evidence seems conclusive, the Company needs to act in accordance with corporate protocol before further action is taken. We expect that by Monday, each of these cases will be dispositioned.

Background: A story broadcast last night by the Detroit Fox affiliate regarding inexcusable behavior by some workers at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) is sparking a torrent of discussion online and on the air, but not more than right here at Chrysler Group LLC headquarters.

To be sure, we are very disturbed by this story.
Even before the story aired, based on on-air promos, we identified several workers appearing in the story, and immediately suspended them indefinitely without pay. Several more were dealt with the same way today, after we examined the video, and we're continuing to identify others and deal with them accordingly, with no delay.

To be very clear, Chrysler Group has a strict employee code of conduct and does not condone this behavior.

We take great pride in our Jefferson North plant and the more than 2,500 people who work every day to build world-class products. We have processes in place to ensure that only the highest quality vehicles reach our customers. In fact, we've invested $686 million in the plant and the products it produces.

In fact, as the plant prepared to produce a new line of SUVs with world-class quality, it underwent a complete transformation as part of World Class Manufacturing-that 's an extensive and thorough process to restore all Chrysler Group facilities to their original and maximum functionality.

JNAP employees have gone through nearly 45,000 hours of training, and have planned and executed hundreds of projects aimed at improving the work environment, maximizing quality, minimizing waste and preparing for the new product. We want both taxpayers and consumers to know, we take very seriously our responsibility to your safety, satisfaction and investment, and we promise you, we will continue to act swiftly and decisively to correct any situation at odds with that commitment.

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