According to Reuters, the Swedish government is pursuing a $15.9 million debt that it says is owed by Saab. The country said that if the carmaker's newest owner, Spyker, didn't turn over the funds by September 20, that it would leave the matter in the hands of its official debt collector. Since that date has already come and gone, we can only imagine that there's a crack team of burly looking Swedes threatening to break some kneecaps in Zeewolde as you read this. Meanwhile, Spyker CEO Victor Muller has said that the issue is nothing more than a legal dispute and that it will be handled through the appropriate channels.
So where does this alleged debt originate? According to the report, the Swedish government paid Saab's worker's wages while the company was transitioning between General Motors and Spyker ownership. In the past, both Saab and Spyker have said that the carmaker should only be held responsible for a portion of the debt. From the looks of things, the Swedish government begs to differ.

[Source: Reuters]

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