Now this is clever. Designer and artist Karolina Sobecka has worked up an interesting project for the World Maker Faire in New York City aimed at making motorists more aware of their carbon emissions. The system is made up of two devices – a cartoon-like cloud that attaches to the vehicle's exhaust pipe and an iPhone app that monitors the vehicle's emissions. The more carbon the car spews, the more the cloud changes color so that both the driver and everyone in the nearby vicinity knows exactly how much pollution is being spewed into the atmosphere.

The concept is pretty neat, but we don't exactly see too many car owners jumping at the chance to stick a massive, absurdly-colored cartoon cloud on the rear of their vehicle. The iPhone app sounds like a pretty fun toy to play around with from time to time, though. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners probably know just how bad their chariot of choice is for the environment – the trick is making them care. Head over to Makezine to have a look at an interview with Sobecka.

[Source: Makezine]

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