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PSA Peugeot Citroen has devised a novel plan aimed at capturing a potentially large number of buyers who would otherwise scoff at the idea of buying or even leasing an electric vehicle (EV). First, Citroen plans to lease, and not sell, its upcoming C-Zero electric city car, and the company's plan doesn't end there. According to a report from Bloomberg, the C Zero's lease plan will likely include a stipulation that grants lessees access to a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle for trips that exceed the C-Zero's 93-mile range limitation. Bloomberg prodded for more details, but Citroen spokeswoman Valerie Gillot would not comment.

Peugeot Citroen product director, Vincent Besson, did offer up some words to justify company's decision to lease, rather than outright sell, the C-Zero. He explained it like this:
Leasing makes the most sense because electric cars are going to force consumers to think in terms of running costs rather than sticker price, the way company fleet managers already do.
Leasing can be a logical option and offering a loaner gasoline-powered vehicle might help boost buyer interest, but if someone is seriously considering this deal, then wouldn't a Chevrolet Volt or perhaps even a plug-in Prius make more sense?

[Source: Bloomberg]

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