Cummins, Inc., producers of powertrains for automotive, marine and farming applications - and virtually everything in between - has been awarded a $6,971,182 no-fee contract by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to cover its cost of researching and developing efficient powertrain technologies for use in military applications. Under terms of the contract, the DoD has asked Cummins to:
Develop and demonstrate an electronically controlled, integrated power train, which improves overall efficiency of current power trains by reducing fuel consumption, providing exportable electrical power, reducing noise, and which is capable of operating on a wide range of fuels and fuel mixtures.
Sounds like quite the task for Cummins. But if any company is capable of delivering an integrated powertrain that can meet that long list of requirements, Cummins is probably one of them. The task of producing an efficient, integrated powertrain should be completed by September 2013, with the dirty work performed at the company's facility in Columbus, IN. The U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Command Contracting Center in Warren, MI submitted the request for the development of an efficient powertrain to the DoD. If Cummins completes the task, an efficient military vehicle that runs on a wide range of fuels could emerge.
[Source: Green Car Congress]

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