Anticipating that Chevrolet Volt owners will be eager to band together and converse with others about the joys of ownership, General Motors has launched, a website created to showcase the features of the company's upcoming plug-in vehicle. Right now, the site's functionality is quite limited, but that should change as Volts reach homes across America soon.

GM designed the site to offer Volt owners an area to ramble on about the benefits of owning a plug-in vehicle, but that's not the sole purpose of the site. will allow Volt owners to sync with their vehicle via the Internet and check in on its vitals. Functionality will include a battery level indicator, a current electric range display and even a total range indicator. Volt owners will be able to track real-time efficiency data for the current week, the past 30 days and even over the lifetime of the vehicle. There's a door lock/unlock icon, remote start features and much more. looks intuitive and could prove to be beneficial for future Volt owners, but before we can judge the site, we've got to get those production Volts out on the streets.

[Source:, Green Car Advisor]

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