Despite its recent financial woes and a bout with organized labor, Harley-Davidson is actually paying out dividends this quarter. If you happen to own some of the company's common stock, you can expect to see a check in the mail for around ten cents a share. That's not exactly money to retire on, but hey, last time we checked, no one turns down a free dime. As of this writing, Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HOG, NYSE) is trading at around $28.45 per share.
H-D recently went through a number of significant changes. After rumors spread that Harley-Davidson planned to leave Wisconsin in favor of greener labor pastures, the company's unionized workforce renegotiated for terms that ensured the bike maker would stay up north for at least another seven years. Likewise, Harley sent its longtime advertising agency, Carmichael Lynch, packing.

[Source: Asphalt and Rubber]

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