Nissan's "Drive Electric Tour" kicks off October 1st. For many, this tour will provide a unique opportunity to explore the battery-powered vehicle's on-road abilities and give potential owners a chance to poke around at the inner workings of Nissan's "game-changing" electric vehicle (EV). The tour's abbreviated stops in select cities will limit drive times for the Leaf and hinder your chances of getting truly intimate with this breakthrough vehicle. But fear not, Nissan has another option in the works for those begging for more seat time. Beginning this December, certified Leaf dealers in early rollout areas will be required to have at least one demonstrator available for test drives. Individual dealers should begin receiving the demo Leafs by the second week of December.

Speaking of December, it appears as though there's been some confusion regarding the Leaf's optional cold weather package. The package consists of temperature management, heated seats, steering wheel, mirrors and HVAC duct to rear seats and has been listed on Nissan's "Feature and Specs" page since day one. However, the package is not currently listed as an available option, and as such, its pricing is unavailable. What's up with that? Well, the guys over at Nissan-Leaf questioned the company about the cold weather package and Nissan's response went like this:
Website contents are correct. We found efficiency (energy use) better and passenger comfort better...primarily (through) heated seats, front and rear, plus heated steering wheel rather than simply using "heated cabin air" to warm you up! The Cold weather package will be released for ordering soon... and will be an orderable option nationwide.
Let's recap. Demo Leafs are headed to dealers in early rollout areas this December and the cold weather package, which makes more efficient use of the vehicle's limited battery power, will be available soon. It'd probably be wise for buyers in the northern reaches of our nation to hold off on ordering until that cold weather package becomes available. Right?

[Source: Nissan-Leaf, Detroit Free Press]

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