2011 Chevrolet Aveo interior – Click above to watch the videos after the jump

Curious about the new products that Chevy is bringing to the Paris Motor Show? You've already seen the Cruze hatchback, Aveo, Orlando and Captiva here on Autoblog, but you haven't seen them in motion. More importantly, though, we see the first glimpses of these new cars' interiors.

We're kinda digging the gauge cluster on the Aveo (above), which has a very motorcycle-inspired look to its single large, round tachometer and digital cluster. Love it or hate it, the interior appears to be a major step forward from anything GM has ever put out in the subcompact class before. Similarly, the Cruze hatchback and Orlando have what appear to be nicely appointed two-tone duds.

Hit the jump to watch all four videos for yourself. The Cruze is batting lead-off, followed by the Captiva, Aveo and Orlando. And once you've taken in the videos, partake in the below poll by telling us which Cruze you prefer; the sedan or the five-door. It may not be a fair fight since the hot hatch is a "show car" with design elements that may not make production, but who says a tussle has to be fair?

[Source: YouTube / Sports Car Illustrated]

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