If you like your electric vehicle news and discussion served fresh with heaping spoonfuls of keen insight, then perhaps you should consider making a standing date on Thursdays at 3:00 EST with the weekly podcast show, Transport Evolved. Hosted by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, the hour-long program features guest panelists ranging from EV advocate (and ABG contributor) Chelsea Sexton to automotive reporter John Voelcker to Tesla Motors Club's Michael Thwaite. On a couple occasions they've even slummed it with this writer.
Nikki herself has a wealth of both EV and reporting experience. A contributor to All Cars Electric and former EV Cast host, she has owned several battery-powered vehicles and is currently on the waiting list for the Nissan Leaf. In addition to the Transport Evolved, she also co-hosts another weekly simpatico podcast called This Week in Energy. Truly, she is the hostess with the EV mostess.

If you can't join up during the live broadcast – when viewers can interact via a chat room – past shows are available for download from iTunes or can be streamed from the site. To get a taste of the show and Nikki's reporting and EV chops, hit the jump for episode 14 as well as a short bit of footage of her flogging the Nissan Leaf drivetrain mule whilst giving feedback of its performance.

[Source: Transport Evolved]

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