Marchionne shows 2012 Dodge Viper at dealer meeting

Chrysler has already confirmed that the next Viper is on its way in two years' time, but showing it off this early is a clear indication that work is well underway. There's still some debate about what powertrain will be fitted to the thoroughly updated Viper, but early reports indicate that the same 8.4-liter V10 could carry on, possibly with the inclusion of Fiat's MultiAir technology to reduce emissions and boost output over 700 horsepower. An entry-level V8 option is a possibility, and there's little doubt that Dodge is tapping Ferrari's engineers to advise on everything from handling to steering and stability control systems.
Another supposed cameo at the event was a Jeep pickup, similar to the Gladiator concept, however, we've yet to confirm its attendance or any serious production plans. But for the time being, we're content with the knowledge that Dodge's next supercar is in the wings and we'll being seeing it in person within the next several months.

UPDATE : More details from the Wall Street Journal .

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