Volkswagen's UK arm has come up with a True Life Costs configurator that will put a tab on how much you spend over time depending on whether you live like David Beckham or a pensioner in Brixton. Starting with the figure that the average Briton spends £1,785,264 ($2,761,383 U.S.) over a lifetime, £6,532.17 ($10,104.38 U.S.) of that on to-go food and £669.92 ($1,036.27 U.S.) on butter, you can send that number up or down by playing with budgets in six different lifestyle categories.

The best part about the exercise could be the narrator's intonations. But VW's real aim is to show you how much more you can take a pound if you include a Polo, Golf or Tiguan in the budget – or even better, if you include three or four of them over time. That way you'll have more left over for pit lane fun, which is just as obscenely expensive over there as it is over here...

[Source: VW UK via Motobullet]

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