Go Green Eco Taxi

Plug In America member Sara Bissig and her husband Jimmy operate Go Green Eco Taxi, located in the Woodlands community north of Houston, TX. Go Green Eco Taxi is quite different from your-run-of-the-mill taxi service because the company delivers passengers to-and-fro in "clean, chic electric style." The pair owns and operates two Sky Car neighborhood electric vehicles (pictured), the larger of which can transport 10 people while the smaller one can seat five comfortably.

Go Green Eco Taxi came to be when Sara Bissig noticed that the Woodland community lacked sufficient parking. At that time, Bissig claims that an inspirational lightning bolt shot down out of the sky suggesting that electric taxis could solve the parking problem while also satisfying her desires to green the world. The Bissig's promptly purchased the Sky Car NEVs and opened the taxi business.

For a mere $3, tourists, mall-hoppers and pubcrawlers can zip around the Woodland community in the Go Green Eco Taxi. The taxi company always abides by its "dogs ride free" rule and at least one passenger has been caught declaring, "This is not a typical taxi service. This ride rocks!"

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