A Jeep is torn down then rebuilt in under four minutes – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Remember the video where we got to see how long it takes to put a BMW Z4 GT3 together? It took West Coast Racing 600 hours to complete that task. Canada's finest, on the other hand, think that time is laughable. A team of soldiers from the Canadian Armed Forces can put together a Jeep in far less time. Not only that, they start with a fully-assembled and running vehicle, tear it down then put it back together again... in under four minutes. Admittedly, though, we imagine that building the Z4 is a bit more complex than the work-ready Jeep seen here.

It's nothing short of awesome, especially since it normally takes us four hours and a 12-pack of beer just to change our brakes.

Whatever you just did in the last four minutes, it's not as cool as what these guys accomplished. See for yourself after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Duy Pham!

[Source: YouTube]

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