Report: EEStor invites U.S. government agencies to technology demo

In the realm of vehicle electrification, EEStor and its super-duper ultra-capacitors are roughly the equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever for video game players. The creators of both products have made impressive claims and repeatedly promised public demonstrations and introductions for many years. In both cases, the creators have missed every single promised date with nothing to show for it.

In another strange parallel, reports have emerged from both camps this week that something will finally be delivered. The game is now scheduled for release sometime before the end of 2011 and EEStor has reportedly invited researchers from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory to view a demonstration.

It's not at all clear if EEStor has a full working prototype or just some components to display, but CEO Dick Weir apparently wants the Department of Energy to conduct an independent validation of its technology. EEStor reportedly needs to raise some additional funding in order build production facilities and hopes that a demonstration of some kind will be helpful. Will EEStor finally coalesce from vapor to reality? We'll just have to wait and see. A tip of the hat to Bret!


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