Lightning Motors
, with some time on its hands between winning the TTXGP North American championship and competing in the TTXGP Grand Final at Albacete, Spain in October, returned to the Bonneville Salt Flats to take part in the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in an attempt to get itself an official record. Last year, they had run as fast as 166 miles per hour at the Southern California Timing Association event, somewhat short of the overall 176.434 mph mark set by Riches / Nelson e-race bike. While they didn't quite beat that record, they did dish out a little payback in the direction of the MotoCzysz team, which also happened to be out on the great white salty expanse.

That epitome of electric motorcycle engineering elegance that is the E1pc had outlasted Lightning's great yellow beast in their only previous meeting on the asphalt of Laguna Seca for the FIM e-Power International Championship. Now it was time for the underdog – with its decade-old EV1 motor – to bite back.

And bite it did. While MotoCzysz was busy barking about in the low 160's, Richard Hatfield's creation just got faster and faster. After a little overnight dyno work and a fresh battery pack, it was off the chain, hitting 176.044 mph. Averaged against the return run, the Lightning Motors team is now the proud possessor of the American Motorcycle Association's (AMA) and the affiliated Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme's (FIM) electric motorcycle land speed record at 173.388 mph. Congratulations. Who's next?

[Source: Asphalt and Rubber]

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