Nissan's recently announced pairing with the state of Hawaii that reinforces our view that our nation's only island state is ideal for electric vehicles (EVs). With the Leaf's arrival in Hawai'i scheduled for January 2011, Nissan is now reporting that pre-orders for its electric hatchback have eclipsed the 300 mark. Since Nissan has tallied more than 18,000 U.S. pre-orders for the Leaf, 300 for Hawai'i doesn't seem like much. That is, until you consider that the state's entire population amounts to around 1.3 million people, accounting for approximately 0.4 percent of the nation's entire population.

After punching in some numbers on the good ol' calculator, we've concluded that if the entire nation displayed as much interest in the Leaf as Hawaii's 1.3 million residents have, Nissan would be able to boast that it has grabbed more than 70,000 per-orders thus far. Of course, Nissan is far short of reaching that mark. The Leaf's appeal in Hawai'i can be chalked up to several factors that we touched on before, but the state's $4,500 incentive, combined with the federal government's $7,500 rebate, surely convinces many Hawai'i residents that the Leaf is affordable enough to give it a try.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf | Image: Sarah Ackerman – C.C. License 2.0]

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