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About a week ago, U.S. buyers had their first taste of ordering the Nissan Leaf. Now, buyers in the UK can finally submit pre-orders for the breakthrough electric vehicle (EV). For once – okay, maybe this isn't the first time, but it certainly feels like it – the U.S. holds a higher priority than the UK and you can bet that we'll boast about that. Anyways, back on point. With pre-orders now underway in the UK, and with just 1,000 Leafs to tide UK buyers over in 2011, we'd be willing to bet that those who want to land a Leaf need to act fast.

The UK's reservation process is nearly identical (except for a significantly higher refundable deposit) to what we've experienced here in the States. Customers who wish to pre-order a Leaf must visit the company's website, place their name on a list and submit a refundable deposit of £257 ($396 U.S. at the current exchange rate). In the UK, the Leaf is priced at a reasonable £23,990 ($36,969 U.S), but American buyers enjoy the much more wallet-friendly price of just $25,280 (after federal rebate). With our lower price, an ordering period that has already begun and deliveries expected to reach into the tens of thousands, it looks like the U.S. has won on all fronts this time around.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf]

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