The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Biomass Program will host a webinar entitled "The Promise and Challenge of Algae as a Renewable Source of Biofuels" later today (2-4:30 p.m. EDT). This online conference marks the beginning of the DOE's series of webinars that will focus on the development of renewable fuels, power and products from biomass resources.

The algae webinar will include presentations from several DOE partners and will touch on some of the key aspects found in the National Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap (PDF), a report released by the DOE this past June. For a brief primer on the recent developments in algal biofuels, look no further than the DOE's Biomass Program's Algae Factsheet (PDF). Recent experimentation has shown that algae biomass could serve as a feedstock for a variety of biofuels including ethanol, biodiesel, gasoline and aviation fuel. If biomass-to-biofuels intrigues you, then join the DOE, and its many partners, as they discuss both the near- and long-term outlook for algal biofuels. Participation in the webinar is free, but you must register here to get in on algae action.

[Source: EERE News]

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