Video: BMW registers, we can't help it

Sorry, we just did – Click above to watch the video after the jump

A new website called has surfaced, currently populated with two photos and two videos. The photos show an odd looking BMW 6 Series wearing skinny tires, a matte paint job and a don't-look-at-me-no-please-look-at-me bumper sticker. Is it the new BMW Hipster Series? The site also notes that these photos are not spy shots – which we know is true since we looked up the domain registration information. The site is owned by BMW.

The two videos, which you can watch after the jump, reveal only a little more than the photos. Whatever is under the hood of this BMW is running very quietly. In fact, it seems to be mostly road noise that we hear before the slightly creepy Heroes-esque music comes in.

What does it all mean? Honestly... we have no clue. We know that the BMW M6 has ceased production so maybe the engineers are deciding to head in a different direction. Could this be powered by hydrogen, Bangle Blood or is an electric boogaloo 6 Series is on the horizon?

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