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This is interesting. The JDM-obsessed crew over at 7Tune seem to believe that Toyota is planning a more sports-oriented version of the 2011 Scion tC. At first blush, the car reads like little more than a best-of list of parts from the TRD catalog. The word comes courtesy of none other than Toyota's Chief Engineer, Masayuki Nagai, who says that the car will boast all-new bodywork, a revamped suspension and a free-flowing exhaust for a little more pep. Supposedly the whole package will hit the wallet at a little more than $18,000. If that's true, the new package could be a performance steal.

Unfortunately, this rumored sharper tC isn't slated to hit showrooms until the 2012 model year, which means that buyers will be only have its more prosaic iteration to pick over for a full year before its meaner brother comes along.

Of course, we have to wonder exactly how many people are buying the tC because they want to scoot around a track faster than the competition – not too many, we'd fathom. But with Toyota apparently keen to gain a stronger male demographic for the tC, this is probably as good a place as any to start.

Photos by Jeremy Korzeniewski / Copyright ©2010 AOL

[Source: 7Tune]

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