Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Like a record that constantly skips, each and every month the sales figure for hybrid models are released and we look to see which one takes top honors once again – time after time, the results replay and the gas-electric champion's name remains the same. Toyota is no doubt aware that its dominance in the hybrid market is unmatched and unchallenged. Still, the company hopes to increase its segment lead by showcasing its gas-electric technology at this year's Paris Motor Show.

Toyota will make its Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) the focus of its Paris stand and will showcase the technological advancements that differentiate HSD from hybrid systems offered by competitors. Toyota will highlight the HSD's modularity, something that makes its easily adaptable to a multitude of vehicles, and will also touch on the hybrid setup found in the company's plug-in Prius hybrid. The FT-CH concept, the company's first proposed hybrid in the small compact car segment, will also be on display. With European sales of the Prius eclipsing 200,000 and production of the British-built Auris hybrid now underway, Toyota's hybrid arsenal continues to grow. Given Toyota's unmatched devotion to hybrids, we're willing to bet that, come next month, the skipping record will keep playing its repetitive song.

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[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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