Video: Denver dealership hosts Fisker Karma "launch" party

Fisker Karma preview party – Click above to watch video after the jump

Back in early August, Fisker of Orange County unveiled the Karma in spectacular fashion. Well, at least that's what the dealership wanted us to believe. The event that actually took place in early August is what we'd call a public appearance, but Fisker of Orange County treated the situation as though we had never laid eyes on the oft-delayed, yet-to-be-driven, much-hyped plug-in hybrid.

Now, we've been tipped about another Fisker bash and this time, Rickenbaugh Cadillac-Volvo of Denver, CO, is calling it a Karma launch party. Launch? To the best of our knowledge, Fisker is months away ( well, maybe) from launching anything, but we don't want to spoil Rickenbaugh's party with that bit of info. Or do we?

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to watch the Rickenbaugh clan as they attempt, but fail, to accurately describe the attributes that make the Fisker Karma a sparkling addition to their lineup of vehicles. In Rickenbaugh's defense, they may have mistaken the Karma hybrid for that pure electric roadster that does compete with the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin. Hat tip to Roy!

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