Phoenix Motorcars PHEV? – Click above for image gallery

Years ago, in 2007, Phoenix said it would build a plug-in hybrid vehicle with UQM Technologies, but with all of the trouble Phoenix has been through since then, we thought the project died out. When Phoenix rose from the ashes of bankruptcy earlier this summer, Bryon Bliss, Phoenix Motorcars' vice president of sales and marketing, told AutoblogGreen that the company's sole focus was on an all-electric sports utility truck. The plug-in powerplant – and the SUV version Phoenix was talking about in the past were done. Bliss said in June:
The SUV was always more of a consumer product. As we are delaying a consumer launch we are choosing to direct focus on the available product, the Phoenix SUT.
But, AutoblogGreen reader Scott L. sent us an email this week saying the following:
I have pictures taken 8/31/10 in Rancho Cucamunga of the underside of Phoenix Motorcars vehicle showing a muffler for an ICE.
We've looked the pictures over and this does appear to be the case. A few things could be going on here. This might, indeed, be a mule for plug-in hybrid development. Or, since Phoenix uses bodies from SsangYong (the SUV seen above is the SsangYong Actyon), the exhaust might just be a remnant of its ICE past. In any case, we've asked Phoenix for clarification and we'll update this post once we hear back. Thanks, Scott!

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