Volkwagen Amarok with Bimobil camper – Click above for image gallery

If you had your heart set on a Volkswagen Amarok before the company made it clear that the truck wasn't heading to North America, prepare to have your wounds lightly salted. A company by the name of Bimobil has gone through the effort of creating a camper conversion for the handsome pickup. Instead of the drop-in style units that we're used to seeing here in the states, the Bimobil piece actually replaces the Amarok's bed altogether. From what we can tell, owners can easily detach the camper once they get to a suitable location in the event they have to go to town for important supplies. You know, like beer. Or a snake-bite kit.

Our Google Translator isn't much help in discerning exactly how much Bimobil is asking for the swank digs, nor what other special features the camper boasts. Even so, we're thinking that there are few better ways to vacation than from the back of a pickup. Besides, how awesome does this thing look? If you happen to speak German, you can head over to Bimobil's website and dream a little dream of mobile living. Otherwise, content yourself by having a look at our gallery below.

[Source: Bimobil via German Car Blog]

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