A 2008 Dodge Charger played the role of lifesaver on Tuesday when a man fell 400 feet and amazingly lived to see another day. The New York Post reports that 22-year-old Thomas Magill allegedly tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a 39-story New York high-rise when the aforementioned Charger broke his fall. Witnesses said that Magill flew through the air at "like 100 miles per hour" and landed on the Charger's rear window.

The man's impact sent glass flying everywhere and even knocked his tennis shoes clear off his feet and onto the windshield of another vehicle. After Magill hit the vehicle, witnesses claim the young man screamed that his legs hurt. Understandably.

While Magill lived through the tremendous fall, he's not out of the woods yet. He is reportedly listed in critical condition at a local New York hospital.

[Source: The New York Post]

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