A French company may have come with the next big thing in vehicle lighting. Valeo SA has developed a system called Beamatic Premium that allows drivers to keep their high-beams on at all times while still protecting other drivers from being blinded while driving. The tech uses onboard cameras to track the location of vehicles on the road and automated dousers to shield other drivers from glare. Think of it as the ultimate evolution of adaptive headlamps.

The tech was good enough to win top honors at Equip Auto – an international automotive trade show – in 2009. Now Japan's Ichikoh Industries is looking to manufacture and sell the system to the world's vehicle manufacturers. The company plans to sell two versions, one with HID lamps and another with full LED lighting.

With most luxury vehicles these days packing more cameras than a paparazzi party, it probably wouldn't take too much to integrate the Valeo SA system into existing platforms. The question is, how much is Ichikoh going to charge for all of the extra complicated software and hardware? Thanks for the tip, Kevin.

[Source: Tech On]

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