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General Motors recently slapped a price tag on the ultra-efficient 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco. Starting at $18,895, the compact Cruze Eco isn't the cheapest vehicle in its class, but it will be one of the most efficient compact sedans available whether you opt for the manual or automatic transmission. The Cruze Eco, when equipped with a manual transmission, is projected to hit 40 miles per gallon on the highway. But let's face it, most buyers will opt for the slushbox.

Choosing the auto trans will drop the efficiency numbers for the Cruze Eco, but not by much. General Motors executives recently told Edmunds AutoObserver that the EPA has slapped a fuel-economy rating of 36 mpg highway on the auto-equipped Cruze Eco. The is in line with GM's target for the automatic model, which leads us to believe that the manual trans version will also hit GM's projected 40 mpg rating when it receives final certification from the EPA. Production of the Cruze Eco is slated for this December, with sales starting early next year.

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[Source: Edmunds AutoObserver]

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