Ferrari Driving Academy Trailer - Click above to watch the video after the jump

There are a handful of F1 driving simulators out in the market today, ranging from Codemaster's F1 2010 to the $191,000 Cruden Hexatech simulator. Ferrari has decided to try their hand at their own version called Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010.

The simulation racing game will benefit from much of Ferrari's own expertise in Formula One. The team's engineers were consulted to provide realistic driving dynamics and each of the tracks were digitally recreated with Laser Scan and Motion Capture. Ferrari's current competitor, the F10, is the vehicle of choice, and Fiorano, Mugello and the Nürburgring are the current tracks available. There's no word as to whether historic cars or additional tracks will be offered.

The game will be available for download on September 9 with a price tag of 15 Euros (around $19 USD), although to tantalize potential users, Ferrari has said that there will be "exclusive Scuderia gadgets and further surprises" for the drivers. We don't know what that means, but we can't imagine a Ferrari gadget that we wouldn't like. Need to see more? You can watch the game's official trailer after the jump.

[Source: Ferrari]

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