Matthew Dieckmann, president of Santa Rosa-based Electric Race Bikes and known by friends and neighbors as the "local electric motorcycle entrepreneur," was involved in a fatal crash in Santa Rosa, CA late Monday morning. Dieckmann was piloting an electric motorcycle near the Coddington Mall when he collided with a Toyota Prius. Though the Prius driver suffered no injuries, 29-year-old Dieckmann did not survive the crash.
Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Doug Schlief stated that Dieckman's motorcycle struck the passenger side of the Prius. Investigators are still attempting to determine who might have been at fault, but some witnesses suggest that either Dieckmann or the Prius driver turned left at the intersection without yielding to oncoming traffic. The intersection was closed for five hours for investigation.

Family members say that Dieckmann was piloting one of the electric motorcycles that he developed for Electric Race Bikes. Dieckmann was known as a pioneer in the industry and strongly promoted electric motorcycles. Most well known for his developmental work on the EGP, an electric motorcycle that captured third place at a TTXGP competition in May, Dieckmann will be sorely missed by many. But his innovations, which have made an impact on the electric motorcycle industry, will surely live on.

[Source: Clutch & Chrome, SF Gate]

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