VIDEO: Fully Charged takes on BBC, Mitsubishi for i-MiEV depreciation story

Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn discussing controversial BBC article – Click above to watch a video after the break

"The most spurious load of codswallop I think I have ever seen on the BBC."

That's how Robert Llewellyn, host of the EV-centric Fully Charged series described an article on the website of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The piece argues, with the help of Mitsubishi's admission that its i-MiEV's total cost of ownership might be super expensive because of sharp depreciation, that the costs involved with operating an electric vehicle (EV) may far more than those of a similarly-sized petrol-powered one. After checking in with similar assertions from a couple of skeptical auto journalists they eventually concludes that "...most motorists may well find the financial experience of electric motoring will leave them feeling distinctly over-charged." Mr. Llewellyn, like many who commented after our post on the issue, saw some flaws with their postulations and whipped up a new episode of his program to take them to task.

Speaking from behind the wheel of a (supposedly) quickly depreciating i-MiEV, the former Red Dwarf actor points out that Mitsubishi's assertion is largely speculative, since depreciation is generally based on re-sale values and that the Japanese jellybean hasn't yet been sold to begin with. Yes, we know that it is actually for sale in some territories but as buyers were asked to pay as much as $50,000 for it, they aren't likely to be trading it in any time soon.

Llewellyn also brings up falling battery costs, rising fuel prices and Paul Scott's RAV4 EV into the equation before turning his attention to motivation for creating the story to begin with. While he's at a loss to explain why the BBC publishes many seemingly anti-EV pieces, he muses that Mitsubishi, having wasted it significant head-start in the EV arena, is engaging in a little competitor undercutting. Feel free to engage in your own motivation speculation after checking out the Fully Charged video posted after the break.

[Source: Fully Charged]

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