Cruising down the Trans Canada Highway, a sharp-eyed Reddit user (nupogodi) noticed an unusual sight: a Mitsubishi i-MiEV pulled off to the side of the road. This particular vehicle was engaged in the Clean Across Canada tour, a cross-country trip designed to showcase the i-MiEVs abilities. The i-MiEV, tailed by a large gasoline-powered pickup truck, was parked for a much-needed charge. But rather than being docked at a charging station, as we might expect it to be, this i-MiEV received its electrical current from a diesel generator towed by the support truck. We smell hints of that hydrogen road tour from last year.

While a lack of photos prevents us from authenticating the story (we've asked Mitsubishi for confirmation or a comment), this reported sighting leaves us both shocked and intrigued. For one, we're shocked that Mitsubishi might actually have the audacity to charge its "zero-emissions" vehicle from a diesel generator pulled by an inefficient gas burner, even thought one Reddit user pointed out that, "it looks like more of a fail than it is" and we are all well aware that energy for electric vehicles is not free. At the same time, we're intrigued by the possibility that an electric vehicle, let's say a Nissan Leaf, could tow or perhaps carry a small generator to increase its range during long distance trips. After all, that's pretty much what the Chevrolet Volt does all the time, right? Hat tip to Spin Cycle!

*UPDATE: Mitsubishi Motors responded to our request for confirmation on the charging status of its i-MiEV. Mitsubishi's public relations manager, Lara Brown, wrote to AutoblogGreen:
You are correct, the Clean Across Canada Tour and our i-MiEV are utilizing a DC Quick Charger provided by Eaton Canada for our remote charging requirements. The tour was developed to educate and promote our Electric Vehicle and has obstacles due to the limitations of electric charging station infrastructure.

Our tour logistics and powering requirements have been transparent from the beginning and have been shared with the public and media since the launch of our program.

On a daily basis our drive team charges our i-MiEV off the power grid but when traveling in rural and remote areas of Canada the Eaton Quick Charger is required. The i-MiEV travels at a distance of approximately 120 km's with fluctuation based on conditions and driver technique. In the evenings and at events the charge is drawn off the power grid.

Our partnership with Bullfrog Power minimizes the tour's environmental impact by purchasing clean carbon credits based on our pre tour, tour and post tour charging requirements. Supporting green electricity for the tour complements Mitsubishi Motor's commitment to environmental responsibility

[Source: Reddit]

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