It's becoming a summer tradition. As boaters flock to the lakes across America, they find that something is wrong with their vessel's engines and question whether the ethanol that is mixed into the national fuel supply is causing the problem (in the winter, for some reason, we've heard that small engines can handle ethanol). One response has been to figure out which stations sell gas that doesn't contain any biofuel, and WECT has found that the number of such stations (at least in the area) is on the rise. The local news station for Wilmington, NC recently reported:
Ethanol is a hidden danger inside gasoline that can cause damage to engines. Several years ago, Congress wanted to cut down on oil imported from the Middle East, so they added ethanol to gasoline. But anytime fuel with ethanol sits unused it can clog the system and cause major problems. Since boats aren't used as much as cars, they're more prone to damage.
Since last summer, has been compiling a list of stations that sell, surprise, "pure gas," and it gives credence to WECT's observation. Currently, Pure-gas lists 1,531 stations in the U.S. and Canada that don't mix corn with petrol, which is exactly what site owner Sam Hokin had in mind when he started the site:
We buy [pure gas] because we want to fuel our vehicles with it. If you want to save money on gas, this site is of no use to you - it will NOT have gasoline prices on it. They vary from day to day and this site isn't about saving money. It's about finding pure gasoline for your machine.

[Source: WECT, | Image: - C.C. License 2.0]

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