Courses de Bazous St. Ferdinand Autoquad pass – click above to watch the video

We've seen some fine passes in our day, both by professional shoes like Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna, as well as unnamed trackday heroes. The pro stuff is great, but sometimes, nothing succeeds like a course full of bangers with nothing to lose. Case in point, this dirt track pass captured on amateur video at the Courses de Bazous St. Ferdinand Autoquad in Quebec. We're not sure it was intentional, but simply put, we've never seen a move like this one.

Due to the graininess of the video footage and the condition of the cars involved themselves,, we're not entirely sure what the overtaking car is (perhaps you can help us out with a guess in comments), but it appears that the racer being 'passed' is an old Honda Civic hatchback. Have a look for yourself after the jump. Whoop-de-do indeed! Hat tip to Duy.

[Source: YouTube]

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