Nissan's "Innovation for All" ad campaign - Click above to watch video after the jump

Even though Nissan's year-over-year sales growth outpaces rivals Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, someone at the company doesn't think that's enough. With climbing sales, a rising market share and profits in its pocket, you'd think that Nissan might become complacent, but a dramatic change is coming soon. The company's new national ad campaign, which focuses on the brand's innovations, will hit the airwaves this Saturday. Nissan hopes that its marketing campaign will clarify the brand's offerings while also focusing on key technologies that Nissan choose to adopt early on.

The ads will make use of the recurring theme of "Innovation for All" and will focus attention on the Leaf electric vehicle (EV), the industry's first mass-produced, battery-powered family vehicle. Rather than market using a model-by-model focus or a launch-and-leave approach, as the company has in the past, Nissan's new campaign aims to highlight the brand as a whole. Vice president of marketing for Nissan North America, Jon Brancheau, revealed the company's advertising strategy to Automotive News this way:
We've had a very model-by-model focus. We want to move away from a launch-and-leave mentality, where you focus almost exclusively on launch models and then come up with a different campaign the next time you launch a vehicle. We want as high a degree of constancy as we can have so that every model ladders to the Nissan brand. So Nissan is the brand -- Leaf is the reason to believe that Nissan is an innovative brand. Innovation is really where we wanted to hang our hat. It makes a complete declaration of who we are.
You can look for Nissan's new advertisement to appear this Saturday in conjunction with college football and also on Sunday nights during NFL football telecasts. Or you can get ahead of the pack and hit the jump to watch Nissan's four spots right now.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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