From time to time, our inbox explodes with a story that brings us to near laughter and, thanks to tipster Guillame, today was one of those times. In case you weren't aware, the Nissan Leaf arrived in Ireland on the 4th of August and took the staring role in the "Nissan Leaf Roadshow." The Roadshow's purpose was quite simple: Nissan wanted the Irish folk to see the Leaf, drive it and, hopefully, fork over some money to pre-order it.

According to Guillame, Nissan purportedly sent an email saying the Leaf tour went as planned and the response to the battery-powered vehicle was overwhelming. Shortly after the event concluded, Nissan sent out a letter of thanks to those in attendance, stating:
To everyone who supported the recent Nissan Leaf Roadshow. We've had an amazing response to the European debut of the Leaf. Since its arrival in Ireland on the 4th of August, we've visited over 20 locations and a total of 400 people have test driven the Nissan Leaf. People were so impressed by this "technological masterpiece" that we now have confirmed orders for over 100 cars.
Oh, c'mon now. Does Nissan really expect us to believe that 100 pre-orders amount to an "amazing response." Sure, you could frame it as a 25 percent sales rate after test drives, but 100 does not impress us much, not after the tens of thousands we heard about earlier this year. Luckily, the Leaf will return to Ireland for round two of the roadshow this October and hopefully the company can report a real response next time around. Hat tip to Guillaume!

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