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There are perhaps as many automotive-themed iPhone apps out there as there are cars on the road. From handy programs that help you find your car to apps designed to help you avoid pesky speed traps, now couldn't be a better time to own a vehicle and an iPhone. Heck, if you're really creative, you can even drive your vehicle from the safety of your handheld's touch screen. That's not to say that every app out there is a great leap forward, though. Take Augmented Driving, for instance.

The program is an absolute wonder. Once your iPhone is fixed on a special mount, Augmented Driving can offer up lane departure warnings, vehicle speed, the tilt of the road and even pick out vehicles ahead of you. Unfortunately, you have to be paying attention to the tiny screen stuck to your windshield in order to receive any of the benefits. You do get a bevy of audible warnings, but they're largely for problems you could easily see if your eyes were up and on the road where they should be. You can hit the jump to check out Augmented Driving in action, or hop over to the app's site for more information.

[Source: Augmented Driving]

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