Zero Carbonista's all-electric Nemesis acquired its name early last year, was legalized for on-road use last spring and underwent a "general shakedown" test late last summer. Of course, it's hard to forget that the so-called wind car also took out a few hedges when Ecotricity founder Dale Vince mistakenly stepped on the wrong pedal during some testing.
Now, with the expected launch of the Nemesis drawing near (finally), Zero Carbonista headed out to the track to put the all-electric car to the test. With hopes of determining the Nemesis' capabilities, Zero Carbonista conducted some safety tests and an ultimate speed run. The safety tests went off with nary a hitch and the speed runs proved to be impressive. The Nemesis managed to clock a 9.48-second 0-100 miles per hour run, while pulling off the standing quarter mile run in just 12.71 seconds with a trap speed of 113.7 mph. Top speed came in at a more than respectable 134.5 mph.

While Zero Carbonista was thrilled with the overall results, this round of testing proved that the Nemesis is quite capable despite the company's belief that the vehicle is still at least 10 percent shy of hitting its expected output numbers. Zero Carbonista assures us that the Nemesis is nearly launch ready, stating:
The car is finally off to the paint shop, we're packaging a fast charger to fit in the boot (for some distance work) and getting ready to launch on the road in October. So this is the penultimate episode, our next one should take us right up to the launch. Finally we're almost there. It's a good place to be.
Click here to watch the Nemesis at Bruntingthorpe as it undergoes its first real round of on-track testing.

[Source: Zero Carbonista]

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