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Last week, we brought you that startling story regarding the possibility that Nissan, in a move to meet high demand in Japan, allegedly decided to limit U.S. allocation of Leafs to just 3,300 units by the end of March. Thankfully, the story, which stemmed from the words of the general manager of Mossy Nissan, turned out to be more rumor than reality. Nissan has now responded by stating that the dealer's comments were:
Purely speculative on Mossy's part. ... production allocation is based on number of customer orders. Our order window opens in a few weeks. The general manager has no special insight.
To our relief, Nissan has once again reinforced the fact that the company plans to deliver nearly 25,000 Leafs to the U.S. by the end of 2011. Speaking with Nissan's director of product planning, Mark Perry, our friends over at Nissan-Leaf unearthed some additional production insight and, as Perry told them, Nissan is "still targeting 25,000 reservations by December 2010 and will be able deliver most during (the) model year." Perry added that Nissan "expects and is planning for (a) high percentage of reservations to convert to orders but will have solid forecast in a few months." WIth those words coming straight from the company, worrywarts can breathe an official sigh of relief. It appears that the 3,300 number is out the door and we're back to the 25,000 units we predicted some time ago.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf]

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