Volkswagen has chosen a winner for its App My Ride contest. Out of all of the clever coding submitted, one shining piece of software rose above the rest – DUDE. Think of it as a handy in-car butler that assists the driver with a number of tasks. For instance, the app measures vehicle speed, location and fuel consumption to offer up suggestions on driving style. You even get a handy little floating avatar to torment with your driving. Volkswagen hasn't said who developed the DUDE app, though a user named Page is listed as the creator on the App My Ride site.

As you may recall, the German automaker went to the people in an attempt to craft the next piece of integrated on-board software. The contest winner was picked by the community of app developers at large and a panel of VW execs, and was awarded cash prizes. The lucky coder will also take part in a special Volkswagen vehicle debut. You can play around with the DUDE app by stopping by the program's development page here, though we honestly couldn't get it to do much.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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