We will never complain about our commute again. Ever. According to MSNBC, gridlock traffic has now grown to cover a total of 60 miles between Beijing and Zhangjiakou. It's been that way since August 14th, and officials say that the situation doesn't look to improve until workers wrap up road repairs on September 13. If that wasn't bad enough, a slew of broken-down vehicles and fender benders have cropped up as a result of the slow-going commute.

Traffic has gotten so bad that drivers have taken to striking up card and chess games while waiting for things to get moving again. Street vendors have also set up shop along the afflicted highway, offering food and drinks at an inflated price. Local government has unleashed a total of 400 police officers to keep crowds calm during the long slog home.

Remember, drivers. It could always be worse. Unless you live near Beijing, that is. Thanks for the tip, Brendan!

[Source: MSNBC]

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