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We suppose it was only a matter of time before mighty Morgan threw its cap into the electric car realm. With everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Audi toying around with motor-powered supercars, the eclectic purveyor of long-hood wonders was bound to follow suit. According to Autocar, we can expect to see a pair of new models to emerge from Morgan in short order. The first, called the LIFEcar 2, is especially mouth watering. The svelte coupe supposedly gets its power from a diesel-electric powertrain and will pack a range of around 1,000 miles. Despite its city car name, the LIFEcar 2 will be a sports car above all else.

As for the second model, Autocar was able to drum up very few details, other than it will be more extreme with a focus on entertainment.

If you're thinking this sounds like the standard Brit-pub rumor mongering, think again. Morgan says it will bring the LIFEcar 2 from prototype to production, and that it will weight a scant 1,700 pounds when it hits the road. Hit the jump for the press release.

[Source: Autocar, Morgan]

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LIFECar2 – The Next Generation of LIFECar

Following on from the rapturous response that LIFECar received, Morgan Motor Company has decided to take LIFECar from a prototype, to a fully fledged production vehicle. There have been some changes to the original brief, making the car more practical, while retaining the revolutionary features that made LIFECar unique.

In the place of the original hydrogen fuel cell is a super-efficient, series hybrid drivetrain, developed using some of the country's best universities, making use of the wealth of knowledge in their research departments. The drivetrain will power a vehicle that epitomises Morgan core value of innovation. The use of sustainable lightweight materials will ensure that not only is the vehicle fuel efficient with a low carbon output, but that at the end of its very long life, it will be easily recyclable.

Some key figures for the LIFECar are:
* 1000 mile range
* Ultra lightweight (sub 800kg)
* 15 mile EV range
* 0-60mph in 7 seconds
* ~£40,000 Price
Universities involved with LIFECar2 are:
* Birmingham City University
* Oxford University
* Cranfield University

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