Can the Mitsubishi i-MiEV successfully travel across Canada's vast expanses? Well, the simple answer is yes, of course it can. That is, provided that you have ample time to complete the journey and some Eaton quick-charging systems along your planned route. With these prerequisites, the electric vehicles (EVs) have virtually unlimited range, right? Obviously, EVs are not meant to be driven across an entire country, but the Clean Across Canada Tour is attempting to prove that it can be done.

The Clean Across Canada Tour kicked off in Cape Spear, located on the Avalon Peninsula near St John's, Newfoundland, and will continue for 28 days until the lone i-MiEV reaches Vancouver, British Columbia. The i-MiEV is expected to travel 75 miles per day and its progress can be tracked by clicking here.

Mitsubishi Motors organized the tour in order to prove one simple point: for Canadians, "a zero-emissions vehicle is a viable reality for all of their city driving needs." Koji Soga, chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motor Sales Canada, spoke of the importance of the tour, stating:
For us, the Clean Across Canada Tour is our way of showcasing the technology and capability of this no compromise urban vehicle. The i-MiEV represents our values of renewable production, clean air technology, alternative fuel and conservation as represented by our tagline 'Drive@Earth'. These are the values that guide our company and they were the values we held close in the development of the i-MiEV.
Hat tip to Keith and Eli!

[Source: Clean Across Canada]

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