The price wars for the Nissan Leaf are well underway, with one dealer committing to $500 off of the Leaf's MSRP, and another jumping in on the action by offering a $1,000 discount. Of course, this was all followed by yet another dealer claiming to beat both of those deals. Now, North Bay Nissan is ready to trump all of the existing offers out there by offering an astounding five percent off of the Leaf's MSRP.

A five percent discount would amount to $1,639 off of the base SV model and a $1,686 discount on the uplevel SL. Word of the deal was found over at the MyNissanLeaf forum, which is quite obviously the place to go to find out about any hot offers coming in from Nissan dealers. North Bay Nissan's eCommerce director, Ron Coury, posted the offer on the forum, stating:
It was great speaking with you today and yes I will give you and anyone in the SF Bay Area group or outside the group 5% off of MSRP... I cannot offer free shipping due to the large discount we have already offered for anyone."
While we're still waiting to see a $2,000 discount, this five percent deduction nearly reaches that mark. Hat tip to EVNow!

[Source: MyNissanLeaf]

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