Imports: 2010 Woodward – Click above for high-res image gallery

Not everything that trawls the potholes of Woodward Ave. during the Dream Cruise was made in America. A lot of the cars aren't from around here; they're imports. We're not just talking about Japanese cars, either. The imports at Woodward often hail from Europe, and are just as classic as anything that Detroit screwed together.

Truth be told, we didn't capture as many foreign cars as we would have liked between dodging raindrops and trying fill all of our other galleries. But we went ahead and built a high-res gallery with the shots we got because, well, we got some really good ones of classic Porsche 911s, and we figured the Porschephiles among you could use some new desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Photos Copyright ©2010 Autoblog Staff / AOL

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