The U.S. has relied upon conventional energy sources to meet our electrical demand for a long, long time. While conventional energy sources rarely failed to keep up with our burgeoning electrical demand, the recent interest in renewable energy sources may actually push supply beyond our needs.

Venture capitalist and biofuel supporter Vinod Khosla predicts that within a few decades, energy production in the U.S. will far exceed our needs. Khosla suggests that the expanding interest in generating renewable energy will boost our output beyond levels that even a growing population will demand and we'll need to shut plants down. Quite a different take than the worries that the U.S. grid won't be able to provide enough juice for all of the plug-in cars that are coming to market over the next decade.

[Source: GreenTechMedia via Tainted Green | Image: kio - C.C. License 2.0]

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