Superclogger – Click above to watch video after the jump

If you're on an LA freeway and traffic is especially miserable, look for a white Mazda pickup – the one with the yellow dudes in the back. What you've got is a mobile puppet show led by Joel Kyack, a Southern California artist who wants to explore themes like chaos, control, individual will and "negotiations of agency and resignation." With puppets. In the back of truck. During rush hour.

There's an FM transmitter in the bed, so anyone within 200 feet can tune in to the dialogues of Alexi the Eastern European iron worker or the unnamed Party Girls. You can find a sample show in the video after the jump, or if you want the real thing and you can't get on the 405, there'll be a closing exhibition at LA's Hammer Museum on September 21.

[Sources: NPR, KTLA]

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