Bill Ford, executive officer for Ford Motor Co., seems to be taking a fairly realistic stance when it comes to arch-rival General Motors releasing its IPO. While speaking at the kickoff of this weekend's Woodward Dream Cruise, Ford said that he was certain that some of his company's investors would likely move to GM, but he isn't entirely concerned. Even though Ford stock has slid off from its 52-week high of $14.57 recently, the company's executive officer said that he doesn't spend his time fretting over stock prices, preferring instead to worry about steering the company in the best direction possible.

This week, GM filed paperwork to issue an IPO, thought to be one of the largest offerings in America's history. Until then, Ford had enjoyed the privilege of being the only publicly-traded domestic auto manufacturer after both GM and Chrysler filed bankruptcy in 2009. With a new kid on the block, odds are some money is bound to move toward The General and away from FoMoCo.

[Source: Bloomberg, The Detroit Free Press | Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images]

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